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Riverbrook volunteer Normalyn Powers has a fantastic sense of humor. That may be one reason why she and Riverbrook resident Tanny Labshere have become such fast friends; Tanny loves a good joke – or even a bad one! Normalyn and Tanny spend time together every other Wednesday, catching up, laughing, and working on projects together.

“Normalyn contacted Perkins School for the Blind to find penpals for Tanny, and now they often spend their time working together to write letters in braille,” says Volunteer Coordinator Ruth Hanley. Every morning, Riverbrook residents take turns running morning meeting where they discuss the day’s agenda; Normalyn helps Tanny braille the information she needs so that she can take her turn running the meeting, too. But their friendship extends well beyond those Wednesday afternoons. Normalyn and Tanny celebrate all kinds of holidays and life events together. They enjoy going out to dinner with Normalyn’s husband John, and Tanny has even been out for a ride on the lake in the couple’s pontoon boat.

“Tanny’s parents have both passed,” says Ruth, “So this friendship means the world to her.” Riverbrook is grateful to Normalyn for the gift of her time and friendship!

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