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If “necessity” is the mother of invention, then “insight” is the mother of REINVENTION. The Riverbrook community is embracing change. Due to years of pandemic introspection, we are experiencing an awakening. As a Registered Nurse and Riverbrook’s Executive Director, I have the privilege of speaking with many people and I’ve noticed a similar theme emerging. Regardless of socioeconomic status, education, disability or non-disability, a clarity is taking shape. Folks are genuinely considering what’s truly important in life. There is urgency to identifying what serves us well and letting go of what no longer does. There is honesty to it — profound honesty and radical acceptance. It’s amazing.

Riverbrook’s 2022 annual campaign asked the question “What makes life beautiful?” Certainly, knowing ourselves and others well (at this moment in time—as we are constantly changing!) is foundational in that pursuit. Your answers were inspiring, and we thank you for sharing this gift with us!  As you read through this Spring’s newsletter, we hope that you can see how Riverbrook’s staff and residents are embracing reinvention. Our wish is that it gives you the same courage to listen to your own innovative wisdom. We all have the tools necessary to create more beauty in our lives and in the lives around us. We simply must pick up those tools and thoughtfully start using them.

Whether it means spending more time with loved ones, spending more time alone, or finally achieving goals that have been on the back burner, people are not just open to insightful reinvention, but they are requiring it.  It is as fundamental to life as nutrition and getting enough hydration and rest.

The wonderful thing about observing this unfolding is we can witness each other’s authenticity.  We are welcoming reinvention at Riverbrook and we are learning so much about each other that was once not immediately obvious—secret talents and passions, untold dreams and values. What a joy it is to know each other!

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