Help Renovate Kate’s Cottage

“Human dignity is derived from a sense of independence.” -Maria Montessori

Riverbrook consists of three units — The Haven, The Main House, and The Cottage — each with their own purposes, personalities, rhythms and rituals. In The Cottage, Riverbrook is able to create a passage to more independent living, providing more privacy and autonomy as women mature and grow. But in order to accommodate more women in this exceptional setting, a thoughtful renovation is required.
Your generous gift will help make this house a place where women with intellectual disabilities can thrive.

We’re almost home!

The renovation will cost $300,000 — half of which has already been pledged! The question is, can we add this necessary life transition to our model?

At Riverbrook, we like to say: Whenever possible, the answer is “yes!” We hope you will join us and say YES to this innovative endeavor.

Riverbrook Residence Inc. | P.O. Box 478 | Stockbridge, MA | 413-298-4926 |

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