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Stretching into a new practice with Physical Therapist Carol Hahn

One day a week, Physical Therapist Carol Hahn closes her busy private practice in Winstead, Connecticut, and makes her way to Stockbridge to work with Riverbrook residents. For them, spending time with Carol isn’t just another appointment – it’s empowering, invigorating, and fun.

Carol has over 28 years of experience in physical therapy and has studied a range of practices, from balance training to counterstrain to myofascial release. The depth of her experience allows her to provide physical therapy that is uniquely tailored to each women’s individual need, whether it be rehabilitation, strengthening, or work to increase flexibility and balance.

“Carol has an easy, gentle and kind manner, which immediately sets the women at ease and makes them feel comfortable and safe in her presence,” says Clinical Program Director Lynn Ciccone. “She has a wonderful ability to connect with each woman at her own level.”

Physical therapy is an important tool, because feeling physically confident helps empower residents in their everyday lives. For residents who prefer community based PT, Riverbrook facilitates that experience too. Riverbrook staff provide transportation and support for those and all other medical appointments. “We’re lucky that the Berkshires provide several wonderful options for PT care,” says Executive Director Rebecca Amuso Wendell.

Carol also serves as a resource for staff, and has begun teaching them how to incorporate gentle exercises and stretches into residents’ daily routine. “Carol makes PT fun!” adds Lynn Ciccone. “The women enjoy and look forward to the time they spend with her each week.”

Carol is licensed in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Learn more about her services at carolhahnpt.com.

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