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Riverbrook receives highest marks in state licensing assessment.

Riverbrook Residence is pleased to announce that the organization has been awarded a score of 100% in Day Program Services by the Department of Developmental Services Office of Quality Enhancement!

Like all residential and day programs for people with intellectual disabilities in Massachusetts, Riverbrook is overseen by the Department of Developmental Services. In order to provide for the welfare of people with intellectual disabilities, DDS holds organizations to rigorous standards. During licensing reviews, auditors from the Office of Quality Enhancement perform a targeted review of critical areas of importance by interviewing residents and program participants and going over Riverbrook’s policies, procedures and documentation with a fine-toothed comb. All of this ensures that the autonomy, integrity, and safety of individuals with intellectual disabilities is being respected by those charged with their care.

Riverbrook was pleased to see particular commendation given to two areas in which the organization excels. In their Executive Summary, the auditors write that Riverbrook staff are particularly successful in providing support “in the areas of communication and supporting and enhancing relationships… The agency demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing family relationships.” In addition, the auditors commend Riverbrook’s commitment to community integration through involvement with local businesses and organizations, and the efforts made to ensure that program participants are able to choose freely what activities will fill their days.

Riverbrook’s successes are due in large part to our engaged, well-informed staff. Riverbrook’s remarkably low turnover allows the organization to fully develop staff who are well versed in state requirements and human rights. Listening to residents and program participants, understanding their unique needs, and empowering them to meet their goals are hallmarks of Riverbrook’s culture.

In 60 years of providing services for women with intellectual disabilities, Riverbrook has seen a lot of changes to the field. As medicine and psychology have developed a deeper understanding of the needs and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities, so too has society shifted towards a greater acceptance and an increased focus on community integration. Through all of these changes for the better, Riverbrook has been a step ahead with remarkable systems that ensure regulations are being met while dignity and respect for the individual are maintained.

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