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When Kaylin McCarthy began attending Day Program at Riverbrook in August 2018, it was immediately obvious that she was a great fit. Her parents had moved across the state to Stockbridge so that Kaylin could make Riverbrook her home, and in April she did just that. With her good-natured disposition and fantastic sense of humor, Kaylin made a smooth transition into the residential program.

Kaylin enjoys a wide range of activities as part of the Riverbrook community. She volunteers her time to set up the luncheon each week at the Council on Aging at the town hall. At Purradise, a cat shelter run by the Berkshire Humane Society, she helps socialize the cats and learn skills to care for them. She enjoys music lessons and is excited for her second year of dancing and drumming classes at Community Access to the Arts. She has paid employment as well, stocking paper goods and cleaning area business offices with the Exceptionally Yours Cleaning Company.

Energetic and fun, Kaylin is also a real self-advocate who is happy to make her likes and dislikes known. She is kind and quick to praise her housemates, and has made a number of close friends in the short time she’s been at Riverbrook. When asked what she likes best about Riverbrook, Kaylin didn’t miss a beat before saying “My friends!”

Kaylin is a perfect match for Riverbrook, and we’re so glad to have her in our community!

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