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Lynn Ciccone Clinical Program Director at Riverbrook ResidenceRiverbrook Residence is pleased to announce the appointment of Lynn Ellis Ciccone RN to the position of Clinical Program Director. Ciccone holds a bachelor of science in nursing with honors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is board certified in psychiatric mental health nursing and comes to Riverbrook after eighteen years at Berkshire Health Systems.

As Clinical Program Manager, Lynn will be responsible for managing Riverbrook’s day-to-day operations and establishing a calm, organized environment, which encourages the growth, development and physical well-being of Riverbrook’s residents and program participants. She will also manage all of Riverbrook’s medical systems and see to the physical and mental well-being of the residents.

“There is a philosophy of kindness and compassion that permeates Riverbrook,” Lynn says. “It’s an extraordinary place and I am honored to become a part of it.”

Lynn replaces Rebecca Amuso Wendell, who was appointed Executive Director this fall by Riverbrook’s Board of Directors. “I am thrilled to welcome Lynn Ciconne, RN to Riverbrook’s Senior Management Team,” Becky writes. “Lynn’s expertise in both medical and psychiatric nursing and her calm, compassionate nature will gracefully compliment the unique care offered at Riverbrook Residence.”

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