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Beautiful handmade stone coasters have been the #1 best-selling product from Riverbrook on Main for years, where Riverbrook women turn dusty stone tiles into works of art branded for businesses like the Red Lion Inn and Kripalu. Now Riverbrook is ramping up production and creating these functional, one of a kind coasters for more local businesses through a new endeavor called The Coaster Club.

The Coaster Club, which launches this December, will employ six Riverbrook women in positions that are uniquely suited to their skills. These entrepreneurs will manage all aspects of the business, from sales to production to distribution – and they’ll directly reap the benefits of their work, splitting the proceeds among themselves for an hourly wage. They’ll be joined in their work by community volunteers, including an intern from Miss Halls School.

The Club is already signing new clients, including the Marian Fathers National Shrine of the Divine Mercy and Berkshire Mountain Distillers. Your company or organization could be next!

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