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Susan “Boothie” Booth has been living at Riverbrook for over 50 years, and in that time she has seen a lot of changes. In the 90’s she moved from the main house to the Cottage, a semi-independent living arrangement on the Riverbrook property. In The Cottage, Riverbrook is able to create a passage to more independent living, providing more privacy and autonomy as women mature and grow. To accommodate more women in this exceptional setting, the Cottage is undergoing renovations to modernize it, giving residents ample privacy along with spacious common areas.

As the resident member of Riverbrook’s Board of Directors, Boothie had advance access to the plans designed by architect Pamela Sandler. “I love it!” she says of the renovations. “I’m excited about my room, and the new living room will be nice and big.” Boothie says she is also glad for the new staff living quarters. “If we get sick or need something at night, someone will be right there,” she says.

Boothie is staying at Riverbrook’s main house until the renovations are completed and says she can’t wait to move back in. The newly renovated building will be called “Kate’s Cottage” after longtime Riverbrook resident Kate Ryan, who passed away in 2016 after over 50 years as Boothie’s roommate. “I think she would like it,” Boothie says. “I do.”

These renovations to Kate’s Cottage are only possible through the generous contributions of our supporters. Please make a donation to help us meet our goal!

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