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Riverbrook is exploring a new model of care: shared living. After being certified by Riverbrook as a shared living provider, Human Rights Officer Ruth Hanley has opened her home to longtime Riverbrook resident Pamela. Ruth and Pam have been friends for over 15 years, and Pam has spent several holidays and long weekends with Ruth’s family in the past. As Ruth found herself facing Empty Nest Syndrome, having Pam become a part of the household seemed like a perfect fit! On weekdays Ruth and Pam arrive at Riverbrook together; Ruth heads in to work, and Pam participates fully in all her usual Riverbrook programs. On the weekends Pam enjoys walking the dogs, singing to Ruth’s granddaughters when they visit, and planning and helping to cook family meals. She loves going to the mailbox each day and has gotten lots of mail at her new home from family and friends. In the evenings she loves chatting on the phone with her Mom, sister and brothers.

Longtime friendships like Ruth and Pam’s particularly lend themselves to shared living, which offers an alternative way to live in the community while taking advantage of all that Riverbrook offers.

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