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Ruth has been working with people with developmental disabilities since 1995 and has been Riverbrook’s Human Rights Officer since 2002. She has had extensive training in this field through the Department of Developmental Services. Ruth is very passionate about human rights and says that watching the women advocate for themselves is her favorite part of her job.

As the Individual Support Plan (ISP) Manager, Ruth works closely with the women’s DDS caseworker and their parents and guardians to ensure that the women’s wishes are heard and respected. She reminds the residents that this is their life and they should make as many decisions about it as they are able to, and that family and staff are always there to help when needed.

Ruth also participates in Shared Living with one of the women living in her home and attending day classes at Riverbrook. Her little farm in West Stockbridge is a Community Supported Agriculture site with organic veggies and flowers available Spring through Fall.

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