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Jackie Stores Iovieno

Chair Since 2022, Board Member Since 2019

Jackie is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing in Berkshire County for over 20 years. She has a general practice and treats adults, children, families, and couples for almost any psychological or life struggle. She’s currently training to be a Designated Forensic Psychologist, evaluating defendants who have mental health issues for competence to stand trial, insanity defenses, and aid in sentencing, amongst other things.

Jackie served on the Riverbrook Human Rights Committee for over 8 years before joining the Board of Directors in 2019. “Riverbrook is a very special place and I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve this community of special women.”

Jackie describes herself as a happy (overscheduled and maddeningly Type A!), married, mother of three awesome kids. She and her husband, John, have somehow managed to keep them alive and happy and reap the benefits of watching them do amazing things every day. Sam, her sweet (but naughty) guy, has Down Syndrome. He has been, hands-down, the greatest “pleasant surprise” of her life. He is an advocate, an example, and an inspiration to many, especially to his family. He is also in trouble most every day. Jackie says, “trust me when I say the Vice Principal at his middle school has us on speed dial.” Despite all of this, his family adores him, and are eternally grateful for the happiness and laughter he brings to their daily lives. “He’s hysterical!”

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