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Day Services at Riverbrook

Day Services at Riverbrook

Each Riverbrook woman works with her staff advocate and the Day Services Coordinator to create a schedule that will keep her engaged and inspired throughout the year.

Each Riverbrook woman works with her staff advocate and the Day Services Coordinator to create a schedule that will keep her engaged and inspired throughout the year.

“Riverbrook women lead robust, active lives. They hold jobs, take classes, and are active participants in the broader community.”

Colleen Powers, Workforce Development Director


RIVERBROOK WOMEN LEARN about themselves and the world around them through activities designed to broaden their perspectives and develop new skills. Current events discussion groups, sign language classes and letter writing workshops are just a few of the ways participants expand their horizons. Computer instruction, conducted one-on-one and designed to meet the needs of the individual, allows the women to connect with friends and family. Journaling and blogging encourages the women to express themselves freely. Skills for independent living are explored, from money management to planning a menu and cooking a meal. Classroom instruction often takes a backseat to hands-on experience as participants are empowered to lead enviable adult lives.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS also play a role in Riverbrook’s educational offerings. Each individual contributes to a comprehensive vocational assessment that outlines her aptitudes and interests as well as her assets and limitations. Each is given a recommendation based on the current amount of support they need while setting goals for more independence. Partnerships with local businesses and organizations allow Riverbrook women to learn new skills in a vast array of areas such as animal care, clerical work, cleaning, landscaping, agriculture, customer and other service type fields.

A woman with developmental disabilities holds up a brightly colored paper flower mask that she made in an art class
A woman with developmental disabilities does her weekly shopping


CREATIVE OPPORTUNITIES are a core facet of Riverbrook’s day services program. Through creative experiences, participants explore and develop imagination, motor skills, interpersonal relationships, cooperation and teamwork. Riverbrook women participate in a variety of arts and performance activities sponsored by our award-winning partner organization Community Access to the Arts (CATA). Participants learn performance, painting, clay sculpting, juggling, drumming, tap dancing and more.

MUSIC IS a universal language, and at Riverbrook women who struggle to communicate often find strength and human connection through our acclaimed music program. The group music class is joyful and focuses on creating a sense of community and accomplishment. Several Riverbrook women take individual music lessons as well, which are personalized to the student’s interests and skill level, helping her develop new skills while maintaining an atmosphere of fun.

THE RIVERBROOK WRITERS Circle meets monthly to explore a timely topic through creative writing, allowing participants to consider, develop and express opinions and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Private lessons in the visual arts are also available. Riverbrook houses several artists and photographers including one gifted painter who has been selected as artist in residence at the Red Lion Inn.

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Some of our Community Partners

  • Community Access to the Arts
  • Berkshire Humane Society
  • Elder Services of the Berkshires
  • Red Lion Inn
  • Marian Helpers Center
  • Stockbridge Congregational Church
  • Kripalu
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Berkshire Hills Regional School District
  • Department of Developmental Services
  • Stockbridge Chamber of Commerce


AT RIVERBROOK, program participants are encouraged to engage with the broader community in the Berkshires and beyond. Neighbors and visitors stop by often for a chat and enjoy spending time with Riverbrook residents and staff. Riverbrook women are welcomed by name throughout the community in which they live.

COLLABORATIONS WITH other local organizations have provided opportunities for Riverbrook women to engage directly with their community. Through our connection with Elder Services of Berkshire County, Riverbrook volunteers deliver Meals on Wheels to housebound individuals, providing food as well as companionship to those in need on a weekly basis. Through a collaborative grant with the Berkshire Humane Society, several women are working toward Animal Care Technician Assistant certification at Purradise, the local cat shelter.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES also abound. One program participant enjoys reading books to Muddy Brook Elementary School children in their classrooms. Others have liked watering, feeding and caring for a variety of rescue animals like those at Misfit Farm in Egremont. A small group of women dust the books on the shelves weekly at the Sheffield Library while others have been attending Kripalu for over a decade participating in a DansKinetics class and eating a healthy lunch afterward.

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