Doing Good Work, Well

Six years ago, Anne Roy began a program we named “Riverbrook On Main”. We rented space in the Stockbridge Town Hall and began with a blank slate. The goal was to create microbusinesses, developing work and money skills in a public location where town residents were frequent visitors.

Each year, success upon success, created stimulating vocational experiences. New opportunities for honing socially appropriate business skills and growing pride in accomplishment was evident. Riverbrook On Main grew organically in the local community. Our residents grew with their expanding businesses.

From My Window: Winter, 2016

Today we woke to a frosty morning after the first snow – summer and fall have disappeared so quickly filled with productive activity at Riverbrook. We undertook a facelift in the main house. We were gifted with new Country Curtains, furniture, a new outdoor swing and volunteer painting. We scrubbed and washed, installed a new shower, updated bathrooms and carpeting. We think the house looks beautiful and we invite you to come and see if you agree.

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