Exploring Shared Living

Riverbrook is exploring a new model of care: shared living. After being certified by Riverbrook as a shared living provider, Human Rights Officer Ruth Hanley has opened her home to longtime Riverbrook resident Pamela. Ruth and Pam have been friends for over 15 years,...

An Exceptional Tasting to Benefit Exceptional Women

Please join us on Friday, April 21st from 6 to 8 PM for an exceptional tasting to benefit Riverbrook’s exceptional women! Featuring 40+ wines, ciders and craft beers curated by Nejaime’s Wine Cellars in Lenox, plus exciting raffles, light hors...

Riverbrook Artists Featured in Local Show

Berkshire county excels at honoring artists, and during the month of February that honor will be extended to four exceptional artists who have overcome a variety of challenges to create remarkable work. They will be featured in a show at Bushnell-Sage Library in...

Riverbrook Resident Louisa on Being a Public Speaker

I’m hoping that the government and the White House and the community and the world could just understand and see that having people with disabilities is important. Because if we didn’t have people with disabilities on this planet called earth, we wouldn’t have anything so beautiful and wonderful and special ever again. It would be a shame if we didn’t have the voice of people with disabilities in this world.

Doing Good Work, Well

Six years ago, Anne Roy began a program we named “Riverbrook On Main”. We rented space in the Stockbridge Town Hall and began with a blank slate. The goal was to create microbusinesses, developing work and money skills in a public location where town residents were frequent visitors.

Each year, success upon success, created stimulating vocational experiences. New opportunities for honing socially appropriate business skills and growing pride in accomplishment was evident. Riverbrook On Main grew organically in the local community. Our residents grew with their expanding businesses.

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