At Riverbrook, women with intellectual
disabilities lead exceptional lives.

At Riverbrook, women with intellectual disabilities lead exceptional lives.


At Riverbrook, connections are made and lifelong friendships blossom. Riverbrook’s programs nurture relationships and residents and staff alike are engaged with making the atmosphere welcoming and inclusive.


Riverbrook women take classes, hold paid jobs and volunteer positions in many areas of the community and run small business ventures out of Riverbrook on Main, the organization’s vocational center.



Riverbrook’s person-first philosophy places emphasis on seeing each individual for the whole person she is — an adult with unique and varied skills, interests and abilities.

Riverbrook Residence provides a dynamic home environment in which women with intellectual disabilities can find friendship, opportunities to explore and develop their life goals, and the courage and support necessary to lead enviable adult lives.”

-Rebecca Amuso Wendell, Program Director

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